"How To Be a Maverick Entrepreneur:
Make More Money, Have More Fun and Give
Back More…by Writing Your Own Rules”

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Here Are Just a Few of the 196+ Comments About the Maverick Manifesto:

Leo Walker Says:
"Having listened to your brief presentation I see the way. How it will work, I mean the nuts and bolts, I have no idea. Thanks to you I now have the crucial insight, coupled with excitement, that will, **WILL** free my family and I to live outside the penumbra of fear that so infects the world at this time. Thank you."

Lyn Says:
“The only word that I can be able to say now is thank you so much and more power and God bless…”

Martin O'Connor Says:
“Once again Yanik has developed a superb vision, this time providing a complete context for the successful integration of personal and business life.”

GREG T. Says:
“Very simply-inspiring prolific, straight to the gut, no B.S."

Sarah Says:
“I found this the most inspiring presentation in a long time…"

Henry Robinson Says:
“Thanks for the high-powered, triple expresso shot of motivation!"

Mary Crawford Says:
“I need to listen to this over and over. I want all my team members to listen also. I want my kids to hear this stuff. I love the clarity of your presentation and the interlinking circles of money, fun and giving. Your discussion on how one doesn't necessarily precede the other hit home for me. I'll be sending this link to people I care about, and just hope they listen to it."

Shannon Herod Says:
“I will never live life like a drone again. My life will always be filled with purpose and I will always be moving forward. I will always be giving and I will always be spending time with my family and doing the things I love. There is no promise for tomorrow, so live life today like it is your last. Thanks again Yanik for reminding me of why I get up and do what I do everyday. You're an amazing person and entrepreneur. Keep up the great work!"

Beverly Kim Says:
“I was feeling I had been working so hard and getting nowhere but of course this is wrong. My time investment now will produce results later…and I am having so much FUN now…"

Richard van Beek Says:
“I hope to have a business that makes more money every month, gives me more fun and gives back more…by setting up and writing my own rules just as what I've done when I became a successful physiotherapist. With this video Yanik, I am on the right path… Many thanks for that!"

Greg Writer Says:
“Yanik I am thankful for entrepreneurs like you that truly have the heart to give. I love it and I look forward to being a continued student of your marketing advice."

Daniel Munday Says:
“Nice words mate, you really hit the nail right on the head. You have a great attitude to business and more importantly life. I'll be watching this one again!"